Friday, March 28, 2008

"Tea"tally Terrific

For my Birthday last weekend my BFF Tracy and I went to Infini-Tea, in Antioch, and had the "Royal Treatment"!! It was a feast for the taste buds, eyes and nose - I love smelling all the teas you see, as well as, drinking them!! LOL!!

After tea, we of course cruised to Hannah's to check out the latest and greatest in scrapping goodies and got the extra bonus of meeting some on-line scrapping buddies, Carla and Cathy, in person!! Then it was on to Archivers to crop for the day. Ahhhh - Heavenly!!

Tracy and I played with our new Scarlet Lime Kits (droooool!!) at Archivers and Tracy made this awesome LO in honor of our lovely day.

AND...yesterday we headed back to Infini-Tea again, this time with the kiddies, so they could experience the "Royal Treatment Jr." and keep Mom (me) sane while they are home on Spring Break!! Miss Tracy, aka my BFF Tracy (she's Miss Tracy to my kids you see and of course her hubby is Mr. Tracy - LOL!!), was there to help me teach my children the finer points of tea etiquette, how to eat finger sandwiches, and basic Manners 101!! Overall, I was very proud of my children and their behavior, but alas my dear sweet son, Zach, graced us with our most memorable moment - His trip to the bathroom at Infini-Tea!! Upon his return to the table, Miss Tracy mentioned how quick he was. I of course followed up with the ever popular MOM question - "Did you wash your hands??", to which Zach replied, "No, it said only employees can wash their hands. That's what the sign said." So serious he was, that Miss Tracy and I couldn't help but bust out laughing. He's a good little sport and knows his Mom and Miss Tracy very well, so he did not take offense to our behavior fortunately. I was impressed that my son took the time to read the sign. As a second grader, he sometimes skims over things a little quickly, so did not in fact read the sign entirely which said, "Employees Must wash their hands." LOL!! Gotta love him!!! I will forever see those signs in restrooms and remember this day!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

About an AWESOME Boy

About an Awesome Boy is the latest mini album I did for Hannah's. I think they are going to be kitting it up for sale soon. I kitted one, and Dana is suppose to order some more product to kit more. We will see. Anyhow, I had to force myself to take a turn from the girly stuff and work on some boy projects. I always feel like I am leaving poor Zach out and he probably is the most photogenic of my three kids!!

Next I am getting ready to work with some of the new Fancy Pants papers!!! Gosh I LOVE Fancy Pants! Can never get enough of their goodies!!

Other than that, not too much exciting going on around here this week. Kids are off on Spring Break. Went swimming Mon., skating today and tomorrow we are going to see a movie. Keeping everyone busy and me sane!!

Here's some pics from the mini album...

Monday, March 17, 2008


That's what I am - not very good lately about keeping up with this, but in my defense I have had some trouble with my hands lately and my typing has gone by the wayside. Anyhow, long story short, I recently had spinal surgery to correct my troubles, and by golly I think my hands are starting to improve - at least the right one is. Time will tell how much improvement I will have, but it won't stop me from scrappin' at least. Anyhoo, just felt the need to post something so maybe some of my blogging buddies will find me worthy again, and stop by and say hello. OK, so now I guess you want a picture too......thinking.......thinking.....what to post......

OK, my fav. LO, or wall hanging I guess it will end up being. It's on display at Hannah's right now. I just love the papers and although the pic of Izzie isn't the best, it is soooo one of my favs.