Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Sending Warm Fuzzies and Hugs to...

Valerie Salmon. She is one of my very favorite scrapbook artists. Soooo talented. I recently read her blog and learned of the loss of her beloved pet dog, Frosty. I have not been able to stop thinking about it. Maybe because my dog, Lafferty, is getting up there in years now, and because recently he has been undergoing tests to monitor his liver enzymes, which have been elevated. Whatever the reason may be, it has prompted me to blog, which for those of you who know me, is MAJOR!! LOL!!

Anyhow, fortunately, Lafferty's last blood test showed his liver enzymes are going down, which is good. It could be partly because of his inflammatory bowel disease too - the reason for which he was released from Guide Dogs. He seems to be acting perfectly normal - his usual VERY mellow, happy go lucky self. All the more reason for me to get him enrolled in the READ program at the library. Now that he is a certified therapy dog, this is my next step. Hopefully, once the kids are back in school, we will have more time to do volunteer work as a therapy dog team. It has always been my wish to share Lafferty with others and "show him off" a little too. LOL!! He eats up all the attention. He really does like to be a part of everyone's everything!!

Here is a LO I did about me and Lafferty once we passed our therapy dog team test. To read more about therapy dogs and other therapy animals go here.