Tuesday, December 4, 2007

A Few Days Late...

but that's OK. The kids didn't mind opening three boxes on the Advent Calendar today to catch up!! I made this calendar last year, but was a little late in getting it out and filled with goodies this year!!!

The kids take turns opening one box each day ('course, Isabelle really liked opening three boxes today and thinks it should be that way everyday!!). Each box has some sort of goody inside to share, or a "CLUE" as to where to find the goody (if it won't fit in the box). So far, we have had some spiced cider, chocolate coins and new, warm fuzzy socks. I love doing this. I have goodies hid all around the house. The only thing I need to be careful about this year is GULLIVER - our new chocolate lab!!

We just adopted Gulliver from Midwest Lab Rescue in Feb. Lafferty, our yellow lab, never gets into anything, but Gulliver lately has been garbage picking!! That stinker!! He just started doing it about a couple weeks ago!! Never touched anything before that. Not sure what provoked him, but now I am not sure if I can trust him. Guess I need not only worry about Gulliver, but the kids too!! They start snooping to find gifts and such about this time. Gets harder and harder each year to hide things!! AND - not to mention, I FORGET where I hid things!! I used to wonder how my Mom could forget about gifts she hid away, but oh, how I know all about that now!! I need to make myself a list of what and where I put it!!!


Cricket said...

such a cute Advent calendar Amy! I've always wanted to make one of them...maybe for next year LOL!

Good luck with Gulliver! I hear ya on the hiding of stuff..Mandi isn't a snooper but I still have hardly any place to stash stuff!


Cathy said...

This is wonderful. Love the whole design.