Wednesday, January 16, 2008

We Did It!!

Laffery and I passed our Pet Partners Team Evaluation Test with flying colors!! The evaluator commented that Lafferty is a very sweet, gently, friendly dog, and I as a handler, am attentive and supportive with very good people skills. I think we will make a pretty good Therapy Dog Team!! This photo is being submitted to be used as our Pet Partners photo on our ID badges. Laffery is such a special dog. As you know from my blog, Laffery was career changed from The Guide Dogs for the Blind Program because he has inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). Our family was fortunate to be able to adopt him. I have never has as caring, loyal, smart, lovable dog as Lafferty. He truly is one of a kind. Because he is so special, I feel it only right we should share the joy he brings our family with others, and it is partly for this reason, I chose to have him certified to be a Therapy Dog. Hopefully, we will be able to brighten someones day when we visit, or help someone overcome their fears, or just lend a helping paw!!

Part of the Therapy Dog certification process involves a health screening by a vet. Lafferty, other than his IBD, which has been under control the past several years with special diet, has always been very healthy. He has a more complete medical record than I do!! I swear!! Anyhow, upon our vet visit, Dr. Scott, our vet, found a small bump on Lafferty's gums. We watched it for a week of so, and it did not appear to be going away and because it was suspicious looking, we decided to have it biopsied since Lafferty was due for his teeth cleaning anyways. Our worst fear was mouth cancer. One of our former neighbors in WA lost their beloved lab to this horrible disease. I could not bear the thought. Fortunately, a week later, the biopsy results showed no signs of cancer and Lafferty healed very quickly. Quite the scare, but I must thank Dr. Scott for being soooo thorough in his examination!!!

Well enough of Life with Lafferty - who is laying under the computer desk on top of my feet as I type right now!! Now for Gulliver!!! I'll have to get some pictures of our newly adopted chocolate Lab posted soon and tell stories of "Gulliver's Travels"!! Well I guess I should not say newly - it will be a year in Feb. that we adopted Gulliver from Midwest Lab Rescue, Not quite the same personality as Lafferty, but quite lovable and loyal. He is a true "labbie teen" and for any lab owner, you know that means quite playful and full of mischief. Anyhow, that will be for another day!!


Marci Knecht said...

Hey, Congratulations! That deserves a layout I'd say. Super photo :)

croppin carla said...

Hey thats great news....what a wonderful looking dog!

Cathy said...

Amy... I've been following this story! Being an Mom to two Golden's, and knowing full well the unconditional love of dogs... I'm so happy to hear that you both passes. You two will bring such joy to those in need!

Glad he didn't have mouth cancer. Can you tell me who your vet is?

croppin carla said...

Hey Amy when we gonna see a new post on your blog?????? LOL

croppin carla said... I missing a BLOG that you update? LOL I come here and check all the time to leave you comments and see what is going on...????