Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Just checking in the share my plans with you all and shout out a Happy Mother's Day to all my friends! Got to scrap Sat. night with my BFF Tracy, which as always, is my favorite thing to do with one of my favorite people!! Will be thinking about Tracy and her Mom on Mother's Day as she heads up north to visit her new nephew Domenic (yes - this is how they spelled it!!) and maybe wave HI!! to her Momma!! Poor Momma Jackie has just been placed in a nursing home, and wouldn't you know it, they are on "LOCK DOWN" because of a flu outbreak, so no-one can come or go for Mother's Day!! How horrible is that??!! Fortunately Tracy's Mom, Jackie, does not have the flu and we pray she does not get it. I will be thinking about her and praying for her. We missed having Momma Jackie there with us scrapping and telling us to get our behinds in gear when it was time to pack up and go home!! She always keeps us on our toes!!

My family will be taking me to see a movie, of their choice of course, but that is OK with me. We are going to see Iron Man. After the movie, we are heading to Bob Chins Crab House, a favorite of the whole family!! YUM, YUM, in my TUM!! Then it's home so my oldest can go to ice skating practice. Big ice show is next weekend. Both girls are performing. Of course pictures will be coming!! They look sooo cute in their costumes!!


Cricket said...

Happy Mother's Day Amy!!! Enjoy your day out with the family, sounds nice!!


Marci Knecht said...

Happy Mothers Day - enjoy your movie!

croppin carla said...

OH my goodness. BOB mouth is watering.......seriously drooling over here!
Sounds like you had a great mothers day, glad to hear it and glad for the update!

Tracy Lathrop said...

Happy Mother's Day to the best Mommy ever!!! We definitely missed Mom keeping us on track for sure!! Lol!! Love ya Girl!