Thursday, October 9, 2008

Clearin' The Scraps...

from my scrap table that is. Just finishing up some layouts I did for the Sketch 102 class I signed up for. I really got a lot of pictures scrapped, which was my goal, however, now I am taking a little break from doing sketches. Not really my thing. I like making up my own sketches, but I DID ENJOY not really thinking and just knocking some layouts out - doing a little catching up. Now that my scrap table is all cleaned up, I can mess it up all over again!! I am ready to work on some Halloween projects. I need to make a new Boo Box, and decorate my Halloween Tree I got at Michaels. Just saw in PaperCrafts Mag, I think, that someone else decorated the same tree I bought. Like - I new I would not be the only one doing this!! Have a little haunted house to decorate and then there is my front porch to work on. Got my mums in planters and pumpkins out and a few decorations, but the kids are anxious for me to put the "SPOOKY STUFF" out. Promise to post pics as this comes along. Until then, here are some of the LO's I did for Sketch 102. There is now a Sketch Express class you can sign up for too. Check it out!!


Cricket said...

Love the Sketches! I did sign up for her Sketch Express class...which reminds me, I haven't gotten an email in a couple days...better check on that!

See ya on the 17th!! (with some sketches to work on I'm sure! LOL)


Tracy Lathrop said...

All your layouts from the sketches turned out awesome Girl!! I love the Mother's day one especially!!