Monday, August 13, 2007

passwords suck

PASSWORDS!!! I know they were created to protect us, OK!! But for those of us who are starting to lose are memories, they SUCKKKKKKKKK! I mean it. I hate them. I can't even get into my own blog when I want to. ARGHHHHH.

OK, I am done venting. Still working on the header people. It will be there one day. Like anyone is looking - HA!!!

Oh, yeah, can you say PMS! It creeps into every crevis of my being - even the blog!! THE BLOG! Sounds like some sort of SCI FI movie - oh no, that was the BLOB!@! LOL!!

So is typing here suppose to make me feel better?? I have resisted so far. I wonder about this blogging thing. Are there voyeurs out there that just cruise blogs?? Kind of what it seems like.
God, I hope there is spell check on this thing, but if I don't expect anyone to be reading it, what do I care. Yeah, right!! The tiny little perfectionist voice in my head won't shut up!!!

Why do I do it?? The blog thing, I mean. Is it because I don't want to be left behind in the dust?? It's expected of me? Jeesh - that be the case, you'd think I'd be more concerned about what I am posting!! NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am soooooo sick of Jones'ing. It creeps into every corner of my world. Just when I think I don't care, or I'm rid of it, it's there!! Knocking at my door, "Jones HERE!".

Can you tell I am SOUR on this fine EVE???? EVER SOOO!! Well off to spell check and add my "made-up" words to the vocab. Then sleep. Can it soften this mood of mine??? Ahhhh, sweet slumber - numb this aching soul........

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ScrappinTJRacer said...

Hey Sista Friend!!! I totally hear you on the passwords suck!! Life as we know it and everything is locked up tight along with my memory!! Lol!! Keep on keeping on and I will be hanging with you through the journey!!