Wednesday, October 3, 2007


Yes, today I am having major IPOD ISSUES!!! My IPOD has not been operating quite right ever since I updated it with the lastest software. I am soooo frustrated. I have even reset the whole thing and reloaded the software, but now it is even more screwed up!!! I cannot get it to work at all now - before it would just freeze up sometimes - usually right in the middle of my workout!! I cannot run without my IPOD tunes!!! Exercising just isn't the same without my music!! I have spent hours on IPOD tech support and with absolutely no success. My husband actually bought me a new one recently, but I didn't see a purpose for it, since I had my old clickwheel version. The new one is the nano with quick start. Of course hubby picked it up at COSTCO - his absolute all time favorite place to shop!! He is a COSTCO-aholic you know. Never know what he is coming home with from that place!! Anyhow, I may just break down and get the new one up and running - unless I become technically challenged again.

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