Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A White Christmas

You would not believe the giant white fluffy flakes coming down right now!! It is absolutely gorgeous to look at, however, I fear it may keep our company from coming today. My husband's two sisters and their families are suppose to drive up from Naperville, IL - not too far, but still, not fun driving in this kind of weather. At least it is suppose to stop around 3PM - finally (has snowed past three days here).

I spent most of the day cleaning yesterday and grocery shopping for our Christmas Eve munch fest!! Today, the kids and I plan to bake Santa's favorite Snickerdoodle Cookies and try not to eat them all, so we have some left to leave for Santa tonight. Trey is at work and they are having a holiday luncheon that he set up for the plant - he loves to plan those sort of things. He's a good man!! I am praying for his safe trip home from work. He is suppose to start heading home right after the luncheon, but his normal commute without poor weather conditions is over an hour one way, so who knows what it will be like today??!!

Hoping to get caught up on my Dec. Daily maybe sometime today. I have all my photos printed out and stuffed in the album. Just need to adhere and journal. It has been a fun project, but hard to keep up with over the holidays - even though I made the album in advance.

Well, off to get the butter our to start softening for our cookie baking. Warmest wishes to you all this Christmas Eve and a very Merry Christmas to you tomorrow!!


*Paula* said...

WOah! Lots of snow! Merry Christmas!

Linda Beeson said...

I can only guess that the scene of all of that snow is amazing! It does make it hard to get around though.

*reyanna klein* said...

What an adorable family! And I love the names... even the dogs. LOL. :) Happy Christmas to you!

Jen Martakis said...

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!!

Happy New Year!

Nan and B.A.G.S. the pug said...

Hey you! I cant wait to scrap witho you this friday! yea! Beautiful pics btw!

Carla said...

Hope you and your family had a nice holiday!